FdQzsHello there. Ashley Corri here, Certified Massage Therapist & Registered Yoga Teacher. I completed my 500-hour certification in Massage Therapy at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. My path integrates Eastern and Western modalities, including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, and Shiatsu.  It is my intention to treat the whole person, not simply a collection of symptoms and aches.

I believe that being a human and having a body comes with a bit of a spiritual contract. We are living synthesis of psycho-spiritual-emotional components, and all of these layers will inevitably sustain traumas. Physical accidents and illnesses, poor holding patterns from the demands of everyday life, emotional upheavals – the imprints of these are held somewhere in the tissues and structures of the body. The same way a river will adapt its flow around a fallen log, our body’s life force (Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, prana in Hindu traditions), however you want to conceptualize the energy in our body -even just as blood, oxygen, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, – adapts its flow around places in our body that have sustained any kind of blow.

I first tangibly felt this after a motorcycle accident that left me with a concussion, sprained wrists, several vertebrae and my sacrum out of alignment. (relatively  unscathed, as far as these accidents often go, for which I am grateful!) while not disastrous, I felt the effects of this on my body and psyche for some time! and what do you know, months down the line, the only thing that offered me lasting relief and re-alignment was therapeutic bodywork. Craniosacral therapy, specifically, which gently but effectively targeted the whole spinal system, from my concussed brain casing to my wonky sacrum.

To my grateful surprise, compassionate touch has also helped release the effects of trauma locked in my body for years, and-through this release- has eased the symptoms of my struggles with addiction and the rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that is being human!

I have come to experience and believe in the value of therapeutic bodywork (massage therapy and related energetic traditions) in one’s path of healing. whether it be from a sprained ankle, chronic migraines, or psycho-emotional trouble. I have come to believe in the power of present, skillful, compassionate touch to drop one’s body and psyche into a space where it can enact its own healing. the body knows what’s up, and holds the energetic resources necessary to create healing. often one just needs someone to hold space and bear witness for the process to naturally unfold.